Why Choose Freedom Filters?


Our filters are better for your air conditioning system, and for air quality.

They have an anti-microbial coating, and are not susceptible to mold or humidity.

They have lower air flow resistance, which contributes to higher efficiency and quieter operation of your system.


Our filters are comprable in cost to those at your local hardware store, but they are superior in design, function and value.

Regular replacement of your air filters helps you get the most efficiency and longevity out of your air conditioning system.

Save as much as 15% on your electrical bill (US Department of Energy), and also save on potentially expensive repairs.

Time Saving

Saving time, money and hassle is really what Freedom Filters is all about.

We understand that time is money, and whether it is you, or your service technician, trying to obtain these products comes at a cost.

We makes it easy, economical and convenient for you to get the products you need exactly when you need them for less money and with less hassle.

Our Product

• Freedom Filters are better for your air conditioning equipment, and your indoor air quality.

•Our filters have unique characteristics which make them a superior value to typical store bought filters.

•Our filters hold more air particulates, keeping your home or business free from mold, dust, and allergens. They also have an antimicrobial coating, and are not subjectable to mold or humidity.

•They have lower air flow resistance which contributes to higher efficiency and quieter operation of your system.

• Freedom Filters are the better choice for you-- no matter what your filter needs. Whether you currently have standard filter sizes, or use filters that have a sloppy fit, or you're dealing with the issue of fractional sizes and having to cut your filter medium to fit a non-standard size, or even if you're having to wash your filters-- now there's a better alternative.

•Our filters are American made, using recycled material whenever possible. They meet the Green Building Council's Leed certification program.

• Unlike store filters which have an outer box frame, our filters have an inner rigid metal "skeleton" or wire ring panel which gives it support. Because the outer edge material is flexible and forgiving, it allows the filter to form a tight seal which prevents "blow-by", protecting both your equipment and your indoor air quality.

•We can accommodate almost any special filter need. This includes variations of our featured Freedom Filter, such as carbon impregnated for odor control, as well as filters with greater MERV rating and particulate holding capacities per your requirements. You can contact us at contact@freedomfilters.com

•Our mission is to provide you with the best product to meet all your filter needs.